Staff Responsibilities

Editors-in-Chief: The two Editors-in-Chief (EICs) each year select and lead the editorial, production and outreach staff for SURJ.  The EICs oversee submission review, paper selection, paper revision, journal publication and journal distribution.   The EICs also liaise with faculty advisors and continue to develop the activities of SURJ to best fulfill its mission of encouraging and recognizing undergraduate researchers.

Board of Officers:  The SURJ Board of Officers includes the Financial Officer, Production Officer, LYNX Coordinator, Outreach Officer, and Section Editors.

Financial Officer: The SURJ Financial Officer oversees the annual budget and applications for funding.


Section Editor: Each of the four sections of the journal–Engineering, Natural Science, Social Science and Humanities–is led by a Section Editor or pair of Co-Section Editors.  These individuals are responsible for coordinating the initial paper review process within their respective sections, leading deliberations regarding the selection of the top papers for publication and distributing the selected papers among the Associate Editors in their section for revision.  Section Editors also serve as penultimate readers on all papers selected for publication in their sections, before those papers are passed on to the Editors-in-Chief for final review and then to the production team for publication.

Associate Editor: There are four to six Associate Editors in each section of the Journal:  Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, Humanities and Engineering.  These are the staff members responsible for reviewing the papers submitted to the journal, selecting which will be accepted and working directly with authors to revise, polish and perfect the articles in preparation for publication.  Associate Editors are led by the Section Editor or Co-Section Editors for their respective fields.

Production Officer: The Production Officer leads the team of Production Associates, designs the journal layout and oversees the compilation of polished papers into publication format.  Experience with InDesign is critical for this role.

Production Associate: Production Associates contribute to the design of the journal layout and work with SURJ editing teams to compile polished papers into publication format. Production Associates are responsible for designing an aesthetic and engaging layout for every page to ensure that the Journal is accessible for diverse audiences. Although knowledge of InDesign is helpful, no previous experience is required.

Outreach Officer: The Outreach Officer is responsible for leading paper solicitation, managing the SURJ website, and coordinating journal distribution. The Outreach Officer coordinates outreach associates for the Journal and LYNX, our companion research magazine.

Outreach Associate: SURJ Outreach Associates are enthusiastic about promoting undergraduate research at Stanford. They encourage students to submit to SURJ by designing and distributing flyers and communicating with school departments and other student groups. Outreach Associates are also responsible for journal distribution and hosting events to encourage undergraduate research.


Managing Editor: The managing editors oversee the production of the magazine by working closely with the editors, webmaster, and communications team. They direct the content and provide feedback to writers and editors throughout the process.