Humanities & Social Sciences Articles



Fichte the fascist? The misappropriation of a republican philosopher in Weimar, Germany 1918-1933

Holy War in The Song of Roland: The “Mythification” of History

The Rise to Prominence of British Fashion in the 1960’s: Economic, Cultural, and Political Foundations

Liberalism Manifest

The Torch Bearer and the Tutor: Prevalent attitudes towards the Roman Empire in Imperial Britain

Perceptions of Ranavalona I: A Malagasy Historic Figure as a Thematic Symbol of Malagasy Attitudes Toward History

Almost Liberal: The British Government of Hong Kong in the Mid-Nineteenth Century

Religious Studies

The Time and Place of Faith

“Why Such a Big Deal?”: The Didactic Function of Humor in Tibetan Buddhism

The Hiroshima Maidens Project at the Margins of History: Quaker Facilitation of Spiritual Rebirth and Rejuvenation

Justifying the Christian Cult of the Maccabean Martyrs

Rearranging Durkheim: An anthropologically ethical take on a classic theory of religion

English & Literature Studies

The Cybernetic Organism and the Failure of Transhumanism in Samuel Beckett’s Endgame

“Stitching Together Pieces:” Gender, Genre, and the Figure of Peter in Gaskell’s Cranford

Flawed Poetry as Perfect Worship: George Herbert’s ‘Life’

Redemptive existentialism and Berkeleian metaphysics: a synthesis in Beckett’s plays

White Heat: Purity and Passion in Queen Anne’s Lace

The Afterlife of Melodrama: Roger Michell’s Changing Lanes

Donatello and Ghiberti: The Choice Between Compositional Unity and Narrative Force

He, She, and It: Aesthetics in Mary Shelley

Mapping the Protestant Experience on Human Flesh Imagery in Jean de Léry’s Historie d’un voyage fait en la terre du Brésil

The Incongruence of the Schopenhauerian Ending in Wagner’s Götterdämmerung

The Inn, the Castle, and Spaceman Spiff Baudelaire Squared: Beauty on the Poet’s own Terms

Elevators: Negative Urban Space, the Futurist City as Avatar, and Fritz Lang’s Metropolis

Gaspard de la nuit: Horror and Elegance Interactive Media Are Not The Future of Storytelling

Gender Studies

The Role of Butch/Femme Relationships in Transgender Activism: A Codependent Mutualism

Rising from the Fall: Experience and Grace in Goblin Market and Comus

Art History

British Genre Painting of the 19th Century: An Analysis of Through the Fog, English Channel (1886), and Innocent Amusements (1891)

The Status of the Mechanical in the Writings and Works of Two Artists: Cézanne and Matisse – The Artist as a Dysfunctional Machine

Terrible lizards and the wrath of God: How 19th century Christianity and Romanticism affected visual representations of dinosaurs and our perceptions of the ancient world

Classical Modern Irreverence: Michael Jackson and Bubbles Recontextualized

Polyphonic Tides of Revolution: The Futurist Nocturne as a Modernized Portrait

Eduardo Kac: Challenging Norms through Art

The Danger of the Abstract Sameness and Isolation in Margritte’s Golconda and Koestler’s Darkness at Noon

Problematic Issues of Objectification, Documentary and Art in Blind Woman from the region of Gondan, Mali, 1985 by Sebastiao Salgado

License to kill or license to thrill? The James Bond movies and twentieth century propaganda films

Nature or nurture? Perspectives of Japanese manga on an age-old debate


Social Sciences


Encountering Gender Theory: A Service-Learning Approach

Community-Based Managment of Multidrug Resistant Tuberculosis in Rural Kwazulu-Natal

The Seekers: Do Spiritual Practices Lead to a Sense of Well-being?

Land and labor in the Negev: Palestinian Bedouin citizens of Israel

Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is: The Effects of Southern vs. Standard Accent on Perceptions of Speakers

Purity Viewed through the Eschatological Framework of Qumran

Ethnic Inequality and Civil War

The significance of mixed- race: Public perceptions of Barack Obama’s race and its effect on his favorability

“We’re not gay; we’re just foreign!” Desi Drags, Disidentifications and Activist Film in New York

Ads with Ambition: An Examination of Voter Recruitment by Iraqis and Non-Iraqis in Iraq

Examining Empowerment among Indian Widows: A Qualitative study of the Narratives of Hindu Widows in North Indian Ashrams

A New Approach to Alumni Legacy Policies in Admissions

Masdar City: A model of urban environmental sustainability

Identities claimed, identi- ties assigned: Transgender subjectivities in Raymond’s The Transsexual Empire and Stone’s The Empire Strikes Back

Druze and Jews

The Role of Community Health Workers in Northeast Brazil

Married Women and AIDs Vunerability

Marketing Morality: The Future of the Extremist Animal Rights Movement in America

On the Nepali Question: Buddhism’s Role in Framing the Bhutanese Constitution

Victorian Los Angeles: The Ghetto and the GlorySaving America’s “Last Lovely City”: The San Francisco Freeway Revolt

Cultural and Social Attitudes Towards Mental Illness in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam


Economic Effects of the Spanish Conquest of the Philippines and Mercantile Theory  

United States drug policy: The scientific, economic, and social issues surrounding marijuana 

Who Wants Credit? Explaining the Demand for Land Titling in Mexico

Community green: Comparing Individual and Social Financial Motivations in Energy Conservation

The Norms that Weren’t: ASEAN’s Shortcomings in Dealing with Transboundary Air Pollution

Patents and Pharmaceutical Drugs

The sordid economy: Gender and disease in nineteenth century labor struggles

Political Science

The Experience of Normative Development: Land Access and Retention in City Heights, San Diego

Justifiers of the British Opium Trade: Arguments by Parliament, Traders, and the Times Leading Up to the Opium War

The perfect storm: The politics, policies, and people of the USA Patriot Act

Patents and Pharmaceutical Drugs

Lagging Behind: Romania’s Democratic Quality under Neocommunist Governance, 1989-1996

Presumed Consent for Organ Donation Perspectives of Health Policy Specialists

The Hanford Nuclear Waste Site: A Legacy of Risk, Cost and Inefficiency

Preparing for Growth: An Assessment of the Challenges to Expansion of Microfinance Services in India

Colonial Echoes in Kenyan Education: A First Person Account

German National Identity: Patriotism and Stigma


Homogenizing Community, Homogenizing Nature: An Analysis of Conflicting Rights in the Rights of Nature Debate

Exporting Criminality: Money Laundering in a Domestic and International Context

The Voting Rights Act in the 21st century: Reducing litigation and shaping a country of tolerance


The Psychological Experience of Security Officers Who Work With Executions

The Search for the Object Begins at the Verb: Rapid Inferential Word-Learning by Two-year-old Children

Quantitative Assessment of the Impact of the Service-Learning Course “Mental Health and the Veteran Population: Case Study and Practicum” on Undergraduate Students