Special Features

SURJ volumes no longer include a Special Features segment.  All articles are published by discipline among our four sections:  Natural Science, Social Science, Engineering and Humanities.  The following articles were published in earlier volumes of SURJ that did contain a Special Features section:

Spotlight on Fred Wolens: The Impact of Cloud Cover and Football Games on Election Results

Family Resource Desk: Connecting Patients with Community Resources

Shruti Tibrewala: Understanding the Role of miRNAs in Female Fertility

Meghan Vinograd: Studying Cardiac Tone and Perception in Major Depressive Disorder and Social Phobia

Shruti Tibrewala: Understanding the Role of miRNAs in Female Fertility

Spotlight on Alexis Smith: Snuff Culture of Aristocratic Women in Antebellum America

Spotlight on Armen Petrosian: Structural and Thermal Characterization of Synthetic Diamond Films

A New Approach to HIV Prevention in Uganda

Researching Beyond Stanford: A follow-up interview with Michael Osofsky

Spotlight on Jonathan Merola: Developing a Microfluidic Device for Sorting and Culturing Cells

Derek Lu: Investigating the Learning Pathway in Rodents

Spotlight on Sergey Levine: Automatic Generation of Avatar Gestures

CSRE Research: The Challenges and Rewards of Developing a Methodology

Knowledge, Sensitivity, and HOPES

Family Acceptance Project

Image and Ethics in Biomedical Enhancement

Overseas Research in the Netherlands: The Cultural Memory of World War II

Adair Gerke: Using the Scanning Tunneling Microscope to Measure Diamondoid Conductance

Spotlight on Michael Fischer: Multipoint Touch Sensors

PLoS: Leading the Open-Access Revolution

Perspectives on Overseas Research

Bio-X: A Celebration of New Possibilities

A Blessing


Presenting Research on Rhetoric and Medical Writing: A Senior Honors Thesis

Innovative HOPES Project: A Cartoon Book on Genetics and Huntington’s Disease for Young Children

Bianca Carpeneti: Investigating the Visitor Experience at the Great Tumulus Museum of Vergina

The Lotus Living Laboratory Project: Data Collection En Route to Stanford’s Green Dorm

The Henry Cowell Student Lectures in Music: Its Conception, Creation, Contiuation and Connection with Community

Spotlight on Lucas Berla and Sam Rosenthal: Materials for the Future

Performing Applied Research: Undergraduates in the Manoharan Lab

Spotlight on Emily Abrash: Developmental Plant Biology Research affects Global Warming